Q) What exactly IS a 550 Paracord Bracelet?

A) Paracord is the short name for Parachute cord. The 550 stand for the maximum weight this cord can hold.  Survivalist, hikers, and campers were looking for a way to carry a lot of cord for whatever emergency they may face, without making the gear they were carrying any bulkier. Enters: the Paracord Bracelet.  For, approximately, every inch on your paracord, it takes 1 ft of paracord. Its amazing that the average female wrist is 7 inches. That wrist carries 7 ft of paracord around it!  With as many color choices as there are now, Paracord bracelets are the latest trend in fashion. So come design yours today!!

Q) What does “Special Order Charm” mean in the dropdown list?

A) Fuff-n- Stuff is slowly filling our stock with new charms for your purchasing pleasure. However, we can’t possibly stock EVERYTHING. Therefore, we put the option “Special Order Charm,” which is what you will choose if you want to order a charm, but don’t see what you want in our dropdown list. Once you have paid, your invoice information, including you email address, will be forwarded to me, at which time I will send you an email requesting your charm choice. This enables you to really get creative! If for any reason, we do not have the charm that you are looking for, and you choose to forego a charm on you item, we will refund you the $1.00. As always, your request, is our command!

Q) What does ACU mean?

A) ACU is a military term that stands for Army Combat Uniform.  It is the pattern on their Uniform.

Q) Can I email you if I can’t find what I am looking for? If so, how?

A) YES, is the answer to that question! If you have a special request on any item, and you don’t see it listed on my site, please just click on “Contact F-n-S at the top of the Home page and fill out the form. It’s that easy!! My products are FULLY customized to YOUR liking.  So send me your vision, and I will do my best to make your perfect gift! Your request is my command!!!