Happy Halloween! So Soon?

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So the Summer flew by, and Back to School has come, and is not in full swing! I’ve been working, diligently, to get ready for a Craft Fair that Fuff-n-Stuff will be selling at! Yet, the other night, while working on an Cos”tutu”me, I realized that its almost Halloween!! Now Halloween, alone, is not big deal, but Halloween is just the tip of the snowball that starts the roll downhill that speeds passes through Thanksgiving, then slams into Christmas!!! CHRISTMAS!!! With 3 kids,...

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Crazy Days and Giveaways!

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Last week  had to be one of THE most exhausting weeks here in Fuffyland. To start off, the insomnia bug had hit me, which was leaving  this Fuff, VERY tired. The, there were my 3 kids, 2 of which go to separate schools, with different  release times. Suffice to say, I was running like crazy! Then there was homework, cheer practice, Soccer practice, dr visits, Football games, Soccer games, and I know that all you FuffnStuffer Moms understand when I say that the there was NO WAY I was going...

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First Day for Back to School!!

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Happy Back to School for all you FuffnStuffers out there!! I must say that this morning was a smooth transition here in Fufflyland! 2 out of 3 of my children,excitedly, prepared for the beginning of their new academic journey! With one going to 7th grade, and one going to 2nd grade, I must admit, I had my doubts as to how both children would  respond, AND how my littlest would do without her older siblings around to drive crazy?  ”Would my oldest hate middle school?” “Would...

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Sleep, oh sleep, oh Where Have You Gone????

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For many years, I was a morning person. You know, one of the annoyingly perky morning people that you would smack if only your coffee had kicked in enough to give you the energy you needed to slep someone.  My husband???? Not much of a morning person. As a matter of fact, I strongly believe he is more like the Atheist of early rising, as are my 2 girls. My son, however, well, he is much like his Mom in the early rising thing. He even got up at about 3:30am and wanted to know if he could go...

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Welcome to My 1st Blog!!!

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Welcome, FuffnStuffers, to my very first blog…..EVER!!! The past weeks have been  filled with so many firsts, that it seems appropriate to continue the trend with this blog! I have been filled with a wonderful craziness since beginning my Fuff-n-Stuff journey, that I don’t think my feet have yet to touch the ground. With the unwavering support of my family and friends, I have dared to enter such unfamiliar territory as sales. See, before I was “Fuff-n-Stuff,” I was...

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Welcome Fuff N Stuffers!

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This is the official Blog Site of Fuff N Stuff! Check here for exciting news!

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